If it’s working, keep doing it!

I forget where I ran across the article but it was about facial moisturizers that were effective until the women using them stopped and their faces returned to their pre-effective-moisturizer states. Some women would begin using the same moisturizer again to regain the results that they previously enjoyed while some women would try new and different products, blaming the previous moisturizer for its ineffectiveness. Of course, it wasn’t the fault of the poor, defenseless jar of goop. It got the bad wrap because these women failed to make the “maintenance” connection.

I had the same experience with some of my vitamin/herbal supplements. I ran out of one that had to be mail ordered. I ran out of another that I just kept forgetting to buy more of when I picked up bread at EarthFare. But I felt good until enough time had passed for my body to start realizing that something necessary was missing. I began to get some clues that all was not right with the cells. Clues escalated into all out, red flashing light statements that got my attention. Sometimes, you gotta draw me a picture.