Why Is Miley In My Newsfeed?

Brace yourself… I’m about to write something contrary. But I don’t get why everybody is up in Miley’s shit about her TV thing. (I guess it’s a TV thing – I haven’t seen it. Nor will I. Because it’s not my thing. Anyway…) I’m not privy to her state of mind, obviously, but if I had to guess I would imagine her performance was simply her idea of creative expression and she had the stones to share it on national TV. If it wasn’t your cup of tea, I think there are other channels available still, right? I haven’t had cable in years but I’m pretty sure they still do the multiple channel thing. Or there’s always the trusty “off” button. If you’re traveling to the YouTube video to watch it so you could be informed when you bitch about it later, then what the fuck are you doing? Get a life and man-o-man I mean that with all the love in my heart!

Of course, there’s the argument that she is influencing little girls… Well shit, maybe she is. So if you want your daughter to gravitate towards substance, teach her to like substance (by example would be great), with the understanding that she might still like stuff you don’t. Otherwise, if she’s living under your roof and tries to replicate Miley’s beige vinyl number, act like the parent you are before letting her out the door. Somebody else wrote about “propagating rape culture”. We have a rape culture? Or do we simply have a culture where some shit is going down that seems to garner less and less attention for being wrong? What about the stuff that is really right?? And who, exactly, created this culture? Go have yourself a stare down in the mirror and come on back. But smile because the good news is that if we created it, we can create something else that’s different. If we want. Because we are a bunch of living, breathing, and hopefully-for-the-love-of-Mike, thinking culture creators.

We have few real freedoms left in these grand United States. Freedom of expression is still very well intact, thank the Gods. Even for the stuff we’d rather not see or hear. I feel like if she’s willing to let her freak flag fly, we at least ought to have the guts to raise ours before shooting a bunch of holes in hers.


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