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Sunday afternoon, I’m cruising through the Facebook feed and I run across this link for a new iPhoneography magazine. It’s done by Knox Bronson and the name? iPhotographer Magazine. Go grab the preview issue for free.

I did and there’s A LOT of content. Very cool and I will most likely subscribe because I love stuff like this. I love photography in general. I’ve been playing with it for years. But never seriously and really, I don’t know why. Mostly because I’ve just enjoyed playing to play (shooting to shoot) and good God, being a pro seems to involve more marketing than I’d prefer to screw with. I could be wrong but no matter. Photography = activity that makes me smile.

I’m getting off track though. See, I just bought a new Olympus EP-5. This thing is SWEET! I love what it can do and I don’t even have it all down yet. One pass through the manual is not enough to make sense out of the famous, cryptic Olympus menu system. I haven’t done much with it yet. I pick it up when I feel like it and lately, I have been trying to get bird portraits. That’s hard because those guys will simply not sit still! However, I take pictures with my iPhone all the time. Because it’s with me. All the time. I saw this new iPhoneography magazine and while my first thought was ‘wow, this is cool’ my second thought was ‘I shouldn’t have spent the money on the Oly’. Well, damn it, I didn’t like that thought. The Oly (my nickname for the EP-5 in case you didn’t catch on) was not an impulse purchase. I’ve been ogling the OM-D E-M5 forever. (In my head, I call it the OMG camera.) I was just about set to succumb to its lure when the EP-5 came out and it had enough new features to grab me. No, the EP-5 doesn’t have the weather sealing of the OM-D nor does it have a built in viewfinder. But a viewfinder (one that TILTS!!) was an easy add on and I don’t enjoy being out in “weather” so the weather sealing didn’t rank terribly high on my list of must-have features. Besides, there are things like rainhoods. Or, in a pinch, a ziploc bag will do. Point is, the Oly does stuff my old Canon won’t. It’s lighter than the Canon too. Nice since I’m getting on up there *snicker* and my wrist hurts after shooting with the Canon for any length of time. As much as I love my iPhone, it does not do all photography well. I consider it a fabulous tool because I always have it but I do recognize its limitations. The Oly is a brilliantly engineered camera and I knew when I bought that I would use it when the creative mood struck and I had no intentions of trying to do “something real” with my photography. Being the next (insert famous fotog’s name here) was never the point. Not even in my favorite, most grandiose fantasies. Photography is just a hobby that I enjoy the hell out of. I wanted a camera that would do what I wanted it to do and by God, I got it. I can still enjoy iPhoneography too. It’s not like they cancel each other out or something.

But second guessing myself? I don’t enjoy that, not even a little bit. Yeah, the Oly set me back some serious coin but it wasn’t coin I couldn’t spare. And I don’t think it’s about the money. Maybe I don’t think I’m good enough to have such a great piece of equipment.

Yeah… those lovely thoughts… ‘I’m not good enough’ and her sister, ‘I shouldn’a.’


I’m a coach so I know a thing (or nothing ;-) ) about thoughts. I’m glad I experienced the thoughts I did, even if they did piss me off. It’s always funny when something that isn’t even real sends me into the land of ‘the second guess’. It’s a learning opportunity. An invitation to look. Part of the fun of being a human. I don’t have to do anything with ‘em – new thoughts will be along shortly. Thoughts I like better. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy taking a lot of shitty bird pictures. Until I get to the point where I take less shitty bird pictures. Someday, I might graduate to good enough bird pictures. Ha Ha – get it? Good enough? ha ha ha!


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