A Kitten Shows Me Something

Domesticated animals are just fucking amazing to me. I am lucky that I get to live with 6 of them including a newly adopted 14 week old kitten. Her name was Lucy when I picked her up but after a couple of days, she informed me that she preferred Wally (a nickname derived from Wallis Simpson, the American that King Edward VIII gave up the throne for). Wally is so named because of her quirky beauty and independent but loving nature. She’s been a part of my home for seven days and already has claimed the hearts of my three cats and two dogs. They are all getting along like she has always been here. Seven days. But that isn’t what really blows my mind. This kitten, sweet Wally, lived with other kittens. Other dogs. Other people cared for her. She had a mother cat who nursed her until she could eat solid kitty kibble. And then she wound up at the local PetSmart in that little room where they keep the cats available for adoption. I go in that room to say hi to the cats every time I go in for dog food, which is a lot. Paver, my 112# lab/hound mix eats quite a bit. I saw Wally and felt that special, weird energetic pull that said ‘pay attention’. It was a couple of days later, watching Paver play with Roan, my full grown b&w cat that it dawned on me that he would love to have a kitten to play with. Roan doesn’t like to play much. Kittens play all the time…
Anyway, I’m getting off track. What amazes me is how adaptable she is. All my animals, having come from varying backgrounds, some of them unknown, brought with them this adaptability. And look, I know we are talking about animals here, not humans. But you can’t tell me these guys don’t feel. They might not know the word for sadness but they can sense it and respond to it. Same with excitement. Fear… They come from all these different backgrounds, leaving behind God knows what behind both good and bad and they just start life all over again. Like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Amazing.


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