Ellen Goes to Tucson, Part Deux

Some people might worry that they should blog about a trip almost immediately upon their return home lest they forget all the good stuff. I guess if my trip to Tucson was anything less than the spectacular experience it was, I might be concerned. But I’ve got two things in my favor… 1) I made copious notes on my iPhone’s notepad app during my plane ride home (in first class because I’m just lucky like that) and 2) the experience was so specfuckingtacular that I remember quite clearly the beautiful people I met and enlightening things I learned – and while we did do some wonderful stuff with beads for hours upon glorious hours, the bead knowledge was secondary to the treasure I came home with.

The pure awesomeness of the people I met is something that will warm my heart for the rest of my days. Are you ready for this? Bead Warrior, Dustin Wedekind.  The Groove Queen, Teresa Sullivan. Triangle Temptress, Jean Power. The Right Angle Weave High Priestess of the West, Marcia DeCoster. Beading royalty, every one of them! And my fellow seed bead summitees , the lovely Gabriella van Diepen and her sweet husband, Jereon Medema. All of us hosted by Kate McKinnon, Masterful Goddess of the Catalyst. Every single person had their own brilliance and sparkle. And every single person was open and willing to share what they knew without limits.

I sat around a table with all of these people and we talked beads and color, thread and stitches. Then we explored without the pressure to finish a piece. We discussed how to conceive of a finished work from beginning to manifestation but mostly we were simply free to play with the beads and new techniques to the point that my ideas began to develop into future projects (which I had the good sense to sketch out on the plane in between my musings on the notepad).

Yes, I have much work to get going on in my studio. So many beads, so little time! Except I do have time. And I will continue to make time for what is important to me.

I will get to my bead work (as well as my other passions) because I left Tuscon with a fire rekindled in my soul and the absolute certainty that I am ready to WAKE UP. I am ready to stop acting like the quiet wall flower that I am not. I am ready to stop letting the bad suck me down so hard that I drown in the morass of unrealized potential. I am ready.

A lot? Yes. But I told you. I came home with treasure!


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