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Another One? Yes *eye roll*

A new love has come into my life. Might have been nice if it had been a man (maybe… that’s another post * I mean, I’m not anti-man or anything * it’s just that I keep forgetting to seek out people to date * shit, I’m getting off track) but nope… it’s a dog. I met her months before… a happy, healthy sweetheart of girl prancing opposite my fence line wanting very much to play with my dogs.

Last week, she looked like a skeleton. Hungry. Absolutely terrified. I don’t know what the hell happened to the people who had her, no details are clear. They disappeared for a while, leaving the dog to fend for herself. Or something. She was loose when I caught her. I’m trying to reserve judgement because I understand how a life can implode sometimes. But what the fuck were they doing, allowing this to happen? I call them bad words in my head, the mutherfuckers!

When I saw her, my heart shattered. You read stories about abandoned dogs but it’s somehow different when it happens practically in your own back yard. More heart breaking, I guess. More in-your-face evidence that sometimes humans can be so inhumane. When I sat outside and coaxed her to me with some treats, my plan was to get her to safety. I didn’t want another dog. But with just a little time, her darling personality came back in full force and I was pretty much toast at that point. Wrapped me right around her little paw, she did!

It’s kinda like having a new baby in the house. She needs training. She’s getting veterinary care. I’ll have her in to get spayed soon. She’s pretty quickly learning that chasing the cats is a very bad idea. Paver likes her because she’ll play with him. Juja likes her because now Paver leaves him alone. The cats are not impressed. Naturally.

And here I am, the middle-aged woman with a house full of animals. Ha! Like I care. In truth, it feels more like a house full of love. And animal hair! Buy stock in Dyson now people!


What do I call this sweet, beautiful animal who has marched right into my life causing all manner of mayhem to my sanity and my bank balance? Well, the only thing that made sense to me given her wise eyes that look right through me with so much adoration that I kinda want to tear up a little bit for the ferocity of it… I call her Buddha.IMG_5313


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