A little over a year ago, I realized that I lived where I live because I had followed my ex here. Life changed a whole lot and free to explore other options, I gave myself the assignment of looking around to see if I really wanted to stick around. I love nature, green landscapes, enjoy biking and I’m a creative type which help narrow my search criteria for possibilities. I found lots of places I would love to visit but none of the cities I investigated tempted me to move house. I discovered that yeah, I actually like where I am. It’s not perfect. However, I don’t believe perfection exists as a place I might pin on a map. A town might have all the desirable criteria but I am the one who brings the magic to blend with the mojo of a particular location.

I think that magic is simply noticing the good as it arrives in my view.

In conversation the other day, I said I really enjoyed living here. I pointed out the new bike lanes and roads painted to designate them as sharrow lanes. And how on my walk with the dogs, I smelled magnolias and then gardenias, not together but first one and then the other as I moved down the block. Then there was something sweeter, jasmine or maybe honeysuckle. Simple things that delight me.

Albert Einstein said  “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

I take that to mean that we live in a neutral universe where we are free to choose not only our viewpoint but the thinking we give credence to. What an incredible blank canvas from which to create the story of a life! I think that is one of the grandest gifts we humans have, to choose how we want to see the world that we live in. Yes, even with the awful things that happen… we can decide to paint our world black with despair and pain. Or we can see the world as it is. A place of possibilities. A place of wonder. A place where the variability can involve anything and everything, from bad to good and every shade of grey in between. There’s just no controlling something like that and trying is a fast road to misery.

Instead, may I suggest an idea? Remain awake for the opportunities to allow yourself to be delighted.


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