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Vulnerability and the thing about thoughts

I love Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection, etc. She’s from Texas (which tells you so much, right there). She is so much spunk mixed in with a high degree of intellect plus a wicked sense of humor. I bet she could make the most boring research topics the most fun things to listen to. I clicked to a talk of hers shared on Facebook today and it featured her core research topic, vulnerability, and how it related to creativity. It got me thinking about how her research plays in with something I’ve been getting pretty heavy into over the last year or so, the 3 Principles of mind, consciousness and thought. The 3Ps (as they are often referred to) point us to the basic human experience of how we live in the feeling of our thinking. That’s what we do, 100% of the time. It’s a simple concept but one that will mess with your head because for some reason, making things complicated is like the top sport of thinking people everywhere. Following the 3Ps idea through my understanding tells me that vulnerability is the result of a thought. Thoughts are not real. We feel the result of the thought but the thought isn’t real. So are we ever vulnerable? Technically, how can we be a concept that is made of thought? Does that mean I’m invincible if I know that vulnerability is just a thought? (No! Understanding the 3Ps doesn’t offer a free pass to a life of nothing happening. And by the way, who the hell would want that?!) Then I thought… what if I want to feel vulnerable? If you have read Brown’s material or seen her talks, you know why I might want to experience the offer of vulnerability. There’s gold there. Connection. The ability to feel open. Soft. Vulnerable… I think the trick is to allow for that heady feeling of expanded exposure while not giving too much credence to the thoughts that suggest this is a bad state to find oneself in, or however thoughts might manifest. No holding on. Or pushing away. Just a wave of sharing with fellow creatives what it’s like to let in the emotions we might try to express via our work, whatever form it takes.


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