Legal High

My poor neglected blog! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted  – stuff has been going on. Interesting stuff that might have made for some good blogging…

To tell it like it is, I’m coming out of what I will call a slump. What Martha Beck would call square 1 – the place where the metaphoric caterpillar turns into goo before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. I got it into my head that I was feeling wounded. That I needed healing. That I was stuck. That there was some stuff I hadn’t wanted to look at but was finally ready to. Another leveling up in the never ending ascension to that holy grail of higher consciousness. And I was coming off the pill (there’s a conspiracy book in me regarding those nasty things and how they numb women out – damn it!). TMI? Sorry… it’s part of what was going on in my world. I just didn’t feel plugged in and so in a flash of wisdom that I had the wisdom to listen to, I’ve been keepin’ it on the down low and spending lots of time chilling out, journaling and freaking out because I wasn’t feeling “plugged in”. Then realizing that the freak out thoughts were neither productive nor true which went a long way towards their evaporation. I’m feeling so much more me now – definitely plugged in! – so on to why I’m inspired to post.

Nia!! LOVE that shit! Seems like it was just after New Year’s that my local yoga studio started hosting a Nia class. I had heard a little bit about Nia but really didn’t know what it was or why people did it. It just seemed like fun so I signed up and I’ve been going every Saturday morning since. Now I understand what Nia is. I mean, yeah there’s all kinds of actual information about it that you can discover with a Google search but I’m talking about the essence of it. Nia is simply a 100% reliable method for conjuring joy.

Some people call it exercise. Ppfffttt… whatever. It’s JOY conjuring.

This Saturday, our magnificent instructor Kat Mansfield led a routine that was focused on our hands. Moving them, spiraling them through the air, feeling the atmosphere as our hands wafted, rose higher and led us to spin lower in dance. Now anybody who knows me for more than about fifteen minutes knows that I am big into the idea that we are all connected via the energy that makes up everything in the known universe. And now I’m going to get really out there… I believe that with just a little presence and attention, you can feel that energy in your hands. Try it. Rub your hands together two or three times, separate them 3 or 4 inches, close your eyes and feel. Notice how that space feels just a little bit more dense than the regular air? (Technical term that, regular air) I believe that space is where all the energy of us resides. It’s the formless to our form. Love lives there. Souls that are swimming around un-incarnated fly around in there. I like to think that people and animals who have shed their mortal coil spend some time in this space when they want to play in this dimension and say hi. (Look, I told you I was going OUT there!) It is via this energy field that I believe we can send healing and support to people and have them receive it into their hearts no matter where they are in the world.

If you have followed along this far you can imagine why I loved today’s class in particular. But in case what you’re really thinking is that Ellen has lost her ever-loving mind, read on. I came away from class feeling like I had played with the most magical, perpetually suspended, sparkling effervescence. The essence of essence. The pure beauty of whatever genius made stuff like our miraculous eyeballs, etc., etc. It was a high for sure. It was bliss. I want more. It’s an addiction I will happily feed. Earthly heaven.

Can this feeling be replicated? Beats me but I am inclined to think it can. I think it can be experienced again and again and I think this because I’ve had glimpses before. You can’t chase it. But I think you can allow it.

Nia is a direct route. Riding a bike. Walking in sunshine. Pick your pleasure. But why am I suggesting a doing thing for something that is already there, all around us all the time? Well, getting out of your head helps  – at least, that’s my theory. Or it might just be as simple as an invitation.

I’m a practical gal, however, so I’m going to keep going to Nia class while I’m sending out my invitations. I’m calling it divine CYA.

CYA= cover your ass

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