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Just go!

I did something really dumb yesterday evening. I heard the Christmas parade going on a few blocks from my house and I wanted to go. It was a strange 70ish° in December and I chose to ditch the opportunity to stand in the warmth and watch various Christmas scenes roll slowly by. Instead, I went to get dog food and pizza. It wasn’t even good pizza. Good dog food though, ’cause I love those guys. Why did I do something so foolish? Because I was feeling a little blue about the holidays. It was a temporary sadness; One that shouldn’t have been ignored. Ignoring feelings is never such a great idea. But since it had to do with this odd perception that I was missing out, choosing not to go was a silly choice. It wasn’t the one that would have made me smile. So, next time I feel like going somewhere and doing something, I am going to do it. Seems to me that a life well lived won’t get lived well unless I live it that way. Simple stuff. It’s always the simple stuff.


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