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Health insurance should work this way.

My beloved Saab got smacked at the Y parking lot on the evening of my birthday (my birthday, of all days!). Somebody wasn’t paying attention and backed right into the front left panel. I dreaded having to deal with the insurance company because I assumed they would give me the run around about the claim but what actually happened blew me away. First I called my company and gave them the 411. They contacted the driver’s insurance company and soon I had a list of shops who could get my Saab pretty again. I took it in, got a rental for the duration (a Camero! which was fun but awful – another post) and the customer service from everyone was phenomenal. What could have been a real pain in the ass was actually made very pleasant and the experience got me thinking.
I keep full coverage insurance on my Saab. It costs me very little because I have taken personal responsibility for every aspect of driving a car. I chose one that had excellent safety ratings. I drive well and have never been involved in any kind of accident, my fault or otherwise save the deal in the Y parking lot. I don’t get tickets. I use my bike as often as I can so I don’t put a lot of miles on my car. I don’t know what the other driver pays for her insurance but regardless, the policy did what it was supposed to do and I didn’t have to call 5 dozen people to make it happen.
I want my health insurance company to behave the same way. I’ll do my part. I eat healthfully. I exercise regularly. I don’t smoke and aside from an occasional glass of wine or beer, I don’t drink. I take very good care of myself. Therefore, I want my premium to be reflective of the choices I have made and I want the insurance to be there should I need it. Simple, right?
Wrong. It isn’t that simple but it should be. And I’m spending to brain energy trying to come up with solutions. Crazy as this sounds, I am inspired by my car… getting smacked.


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