The Daily NaNo (WriMo) – week 3

Day 15: I decided to take myself out on a date tonight and saw the sweetest movie, About Time. I absolutely loved it and I am so glad I went. I think I understand now what Julia Cameron was talking about in the Artist’s Way when she directs her readers to go on artist dates. It filled me up to go out and enjoy a movie because I LOVE movies. And frankly, while I usually love being a happy little hermit inside my cozy little cottage, I really just did not want to be home alone this evening. There have other times when I have thought about going out on my own and I’ve talked myself out of it for whatever reason. Tonight, I realized the only reason that I was playing with the idea of staying home was because of my NaNo quota for the day. So I made myself a deal: go to the movie, enjoy it and write like hell once I was back. (We won’t talk about how much time I spent fucking off before the movie, mainly because I got an idea that I really, really liked for the book. Jotting that down made up for all the fucking off.) I had a little over an hour to get my word count updated for 11/15. I’m pleased with what I accomplished and I’m thrilled to announce that I am over the half way point! That’s right, baby. I’m over 25,000 words in! Woo hoo!! Word count: 1569

Day 16: Weekends are just not the big word producers I thought they would be. But I did get grocery shopping done. Healthy green things are in my fridge. And I wrote a hard part today in the book. A character thought mean things. Ugh! Done with writing today. Word count: 1259

Day 17: The writing happened in fits and starts today. A headache. A little bit of an upset stomach (I think I’m done with sardines. Ugh!) and a desire for clean sheets mixed with a wide open schedule were the combined culprit. A little bit of structure goes a long way with me apparently. But it’s Sunday, my official unstructured day so here we are. I sat down to write and Jesus, it was like pulling teeth. So I got up, vacuumed the house (4 cats + 2 dogs = hair fucking everywhere . It HAS to be dealt with. I cannot write in filth.) got the sheets out of the dryer, made the bed and then I got some potato and leek soup going on the stove. With a timer set for 30 minutes, I did a speed writing session. Then another 10 minute one because the potatoes weren’t quite soft enough to suit me. Then I ate my very yummy soup. Another few minutes to tip the word count to where I wanted it to be and BAM! Word count: 1723

Day 18: I am feeling particularly productive today. I have needed to clean my bathroom and steam my floors for … ahem… a while. I got that done today. Plus all the other stuff on my list like laundry, etc. I sat down to write and saw that zero for word count that displays for every new page and for a moment, I just thought ‘ugh! I’ll never finish!’ Then I got to work. What is becoming fun is how the story twists on its own. Stuff happens that I don’t plan for but I go with because it works. At least, I think it does. I’ll find out when it’s time to edit. Word count: 1878

Day 19: I’m done later than I wanted to be. I was experiencing another one of those writing sessions where it was just not coming. So I took a break to eat a little dinner and watch a show. I let it get too late with getting started in the first place. At least, that’s the story I’m telling myself. But actually, I was texting with my son and that was important to me. I got my work done. Now, I’m off to bed to read a tiny bit before lights out. Word count: 1753

Day 20: I went to work. Yoga. Got the house swept. Made dinner. Got my writing work done. Now, I am tired of writing. Bed time! Yes, I might be speaking monosyllabically by the end of this NaNo thing. Or maybe I’ll just grunt at people. Word count: 1697

Day 21: Probably the most amazing gift that NaNo has given me is that I can still have a life complete with socializing while getting my word count in. Without having this deadline, I would make excuses for why I didn’t have time to write because of a, b, c, d, and all the other stuff that goes into living a life. I am making the time to get my writing done. I suspect that this is a gift that will keep on giving, long after NaNo is over. Word count: 1745


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  1. Read your comments on the Number One book club and popepd over to see this site. Love the subject matter, will check out your other sites too

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