The Daily NaNo (WriMo) – week 2

  • Day 8: It took me a while to get going. Well, actually I fucked around on Facebook and goofed off for a little bit. But the writing got done and I’m happy with it. As happy as anyone can be with their own work. You know what that means, right? LOL Some of it I like; Most of it I think is drivel. I have zero objectivity. But I am enjoying the work and that is awesome. NaNo is teaching me that I can focus when I need to. I can sit my ass in the chair and do the work. Ooh, and then the voices start barking… ‘it’s only week one, don’t get cocky!’ Yeah, yeah. I hear ya. Word count: 1652
  • Day 9: This was supposed to be a writing marathon day. Maybe that intimidated me or something. Despite my best intentions, I had a really hard time getting to work. Funny, after my writing yesterday that I was learning to focus. Of note (and of value), I know how I screwed this up. I got up in my head and let thoughts and indecision ping pong around in my head until I simply ran out of time. I didn’t plan my day according to what was really a priority for me and here we are. I am pissed off at myself even though, of course, I realize the futility of that. I don’t intend to stay pissed off. And okay, pissed off is too strong a term. I’m not pissed off. I’m disappointed. I’ll do better tomorrow. Word count: 1514
  • Day 10: Ass welded to chair is how I got this done today. For some crazy reason, weekends are hard for writing. You’d think with more free time, it would be the opposite but not so. As I was writing today, noticing how hard it was to get words to come out of my fingers, I remembered what I heard Angela Lauria talk about in a recent interview about writer’s block. How it was really a gift from what she calls your “inner author” that something in your work isn’t right or something needs doing that the author isn’t doing and so the “inner author” will shut it all down until the problem is fixed. She said it much more eloquently than that. Like, it made sense when she said it. I am not sure I can put two words together and have them make sense at this point. But I got where I needed to go quota wise so I am happy. Tomorrow, when I can think again, I will do some of the back end work that my “inner author” is screaming for. Right now, I’m going to go have myself some popcorn and some red wine – this seems to be the official NaNo dinner – and relax in front of the boob tube for a while. Oh, and I got to see Anne Lammot today thanks to my sweet friend Laura Neff. Anne said all kinds of stuff that I found fascinating and I liked listening to her. I imagine tomorrow’s morning pages will tell all. And so will I. Eventually. Word count: 1654
  • Day 11: Several times during this running update of NaNo progress, I have written about how hard it has been at times. I was thinking about that today, the idea of something being hard. I wonder if by thinking something is hard, I make it harder by my preconceived notion of difficulty? Listen, I am not ready to say something crazy like “writing is easy!” I am pretty sure all kinds of authors of any ilk would likely want to hurt me for saying something like that. But I want to try a little experiment with myself. Instead of sitting down to write, thinking about how hard it’s going to be, I’ll try simply sitting down and writing the number of words I need to write that day. How hard can it be, right? LOL – Come on, that was fucking hilarious – you have to admit. Anyway, today I did a lot of backbone work. Hearing that interview with Angela Lauria probably saved my NaNo ass. Word count: 1914
  • Day 12: Well, I wasn’t thinking about how hard. But damn! I was SO sleepy! I had to really work to stay awake. Yes, my book is THAT exciting! Actually, it is – to me, anyway. I am pretty sure the fatigue was some sort of cosmic form of resistance although I didn’t read anything about resistance making a person sleepy in any of Stephen Pressfield’s books. I battled through and got my quota in. And now I am going to crawl into my warm, cozy bed and read Gone Girl. I’m to the part where we find out Nick has a mistress. Asshole. Word count: 1726
  • Day 13: I made a very important discovery today. It’s called the lunch induced coma. I left the office about 3ish to take back some boots before sitting down to write and I could hardly keep my eyes open. The carb/sugar combo I had earlier was too much for my system. Once I got home, I had to take to a nap. Don’t laugh but I found this significant because it meant that my writing yesterday wasn’t that boring. I had soup with a bunch of noodles yesterday. And I went to Target. Shit… maybe it’s not lunch but shopping that is knocking me out. I intend to try an experiment with food to see if I can skip the coma part of my day. It takes away from my productivity. And no, I don’t want to become a work-a-holic robot but I do want to do my work. Whatever that is. I want to live my life and that means being awake to do my work, exercise, have fun, watch movies, take pictures, read books, pet cats and dogs and all the stuff I love to do. I thought everything I wrote yesterday was awful but I looked at it today and it’s not that bad. It needs a lot of editing but duh! the entire thing will require some 9th level editing/re-writing/gutting. I have to remember that NaNo is a time to get words on the page. I’ll sift for gold after. (Ha! No delusions of grandeur here!) Word count: 1650
  • Day 14: Hmph.. Well, I guess I didn’t feel like updating today. Funny, I completely forgot. I must have been tired although the writing went well. Word count: 1785

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