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Blocks – Play with ‘em

I’m a Jonathan Fields groupie and I love everything the man produces, says, teaches… If he wasn’t married, I’d stalk him. I listened to his interview with Milton Glaser twice because I was so fascinated by what Glaser had to say and it seemed that Jonathan was very open in the interview and, sweetly, a little star struck.

Glaser’s comments about a couple of New York’s great educational institutions got me thinking about what I suspect goes on in these places of higher learning (although Milton was speaking of specific high schools). I say “suspect” because my own experience with school was very brief. A few semesters at a community college in Virginia was enough to show me that computer science was a major most likely to make me psychotic as opposed to gainfully employed. Writing, I’m good with. Writing code… fuck that. As much as I hated the programing classes, I loved being in school because I love learning. Still do. I left college without a degree but I learned how to learn; how to teach myself. So I feel like I got my money’s worth and then some by about a million fold. I’ve never run across another major that inspired me enough to return to university (no, I’m not European I just like how they phrase it better so I’m adopting my imaginary mother country). That being said, art school of whatever type or some sort of degree where they churn you out a better writer has always been a temptation. Not because I wanted the piece of paper but because I “suspect” that these programs present their students with blocks of time that they must dedicate to their specific projects or honing their particular craft. They might not have been projects that students would have chosen on their own but completion was a requirement. And in that requirement, an extremely valuable lesson would have been learned and that is how to apply direction to inspiration.

A blog post authored by Danielle LaPorte, another teacher high on my love list, about her most effective time management strategy reminded me that these blocks of time I believe to be so valuable can be had without shelling out thousands going to university. (See how that just rolled off my tongue? I’ll have dual citizenship before I finish writing this!) Go read it when you’re done here; It’s good stuff!

I can create my own blocks of time. And so can you.

Purposefully decide when a block of time to do work is going to happen and map out a plan for the work that will be worked on. Show up and do the work.

And look, I know there will be some voices in your head that start chiming in with whatever bullshit story that will make you stop doing your work. Or worse, keep you from starting it. Those voices… they are actually trying to protect you in a weird, fucked up way because they don’t understand what a badass you were put on this terra firma to be. Thank them and send them away to fuck with your crazy neighbor down the street. (Not really – I just wrote that because it made me laugh. Do not send voices or anything else to fuck with your crazy neighbor down the street. Send the crazy neighbor love. Energetically. Do not engage with the crazy neighbor. Because they are… well… crazy!)

Sorry, I got a little distracted. Sometimes I’m the crazy neighbor down the street.

Blocks of time… create them. Work them. Enjoy!


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