Creative Fit In Process

I’m taking an online painting class. Did I mention that? Probably not… But I am loving this class. It is with Flora Bowley and it is all about brave, intuitive painting. Right up my alley in every way.

We’ve gotten to the part of our class where we are adding imagery to our paintings. Mind you, this doesn’t have to be recognizable imagery – it can be shapes or colors or whatever. Total creative license. All I have to do is put some paints on my pallet and let go.

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Rich Layers of Happiness & Joy in the Fabulous Unknown

In my last blog entry, I said I was diving. Deep is the assumption and the right one. I feel like I have said that before and I probably have. I hope I find myself saying it again and again. I want to experience the richness of human-ship and I feel like that involves layers.

Layers I cannot currently see or anticipate. They can only be experienced as I arrive to each one.

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The Oneness of Creativity

Settle in and pour a glass. I got wordy on this one…

I am at a point in my life where I am really diving into all aspects of my creativity. I’ve dabbled. Now I’m diving. I feel sorta like the young 20-something in art school, trying all the things until my voice, my particular style and my methods come together to form my own brand of creative expression. Except I’m a 40-something and I’m piecing my “art school” education together via online classes, books, observation and life experience. Why didn’t I do this when I was actually in my twenties? Hell, why does anybody wait or hold back? I had my reasons and they made me who I am. So I can handle starting brand new things even while “the voices” whisper awful things like it’s too late for me. I know enough now to call bullshit on “the voices”. Continue reading