Legal High

My poor neglected blog! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted  – stuff has been going on. Interesting stuff that might have made for some good blogging…

To tell it like it is, I’m coming out of what I will call a slump. What Martha Beck would call square 1 – the place where the metaphoric caterpillar turns into goo before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. I got it into my head that I was feeling wounded. That I needed healing. That I was stuck. That there was some stuff I hadn’t wanted to look at but was finally ready to. Another leveling up in the never ending ascension to that holy grail of higher consciousness. And I was coming off the pill (there’s a conspiracy book in me regarding those nasty things and how they numb women out – damn it!). TMI? Sorry… it’s part of what was going on in my world. I just didn’t feel plugged in and so in a flash of wisdom that I had the wisdom to listen to, I’ve been keepin’ it on the down low and spending lots of time chilling out, journaling and freaking out because I wasn’t feeling “plugged in”. Then realizing that the freak out thoughts were neither productive nor true which went a long way towards their evaporation. I’m feeling so much more me now – definitely plugged in! – so on to why I’m inspired to post. Continue reading