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opinionated |əˈpinyəˌnātid|
conceitedly assertive and dogmatic in one’s opinions: an arrogant and opinionated man.

SYNONYMS: she got tired of listening to her opinionated boyfriend: dogmatic, of fixed views, dictatorial, pontifical, domineering, pompous, self-important, arrogant; inflexible, uncompromising, prejudiced, bigoted. ANTONYMS open-minded, flexible.

opinion |əˈpinyən|
a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge: I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance | that, in my opinion, is dead right.
• the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing: the changing climate of opinion.
• (opinion of) an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something: I had a higher opinion of myself than I deserved.
• a formal statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter: seeking a second opinion from a specialist.
• Law a formal statement of reasons for a judgment given.
• Law a lawyer’s advice on the merits of a case.

SYNONYMS: she did not share her husband’s opinion: belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind, (point of) view, viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint; sentiment, conception, conviction. No antonyms were offered on my Mac’s onboard dictionary.

Check out the definition for opinionated. I have to admit, all this time I’ve been walking the Earth, I have been ignorant of the meaning ascribed to this word in the dictionary. This never came up but prior to looking it up, I would have told anybody who asked that I thought I was very opinionated and proud of it. In my head, opinionated simply meant I had strong thoughts about whatever I deemed worthy of thinking about or talking about. Oops! And look at the definitions for opinion and how they contradict each other. A Google search for “word for having strong thoughts” yielded this page that suggests self-assertive might be the best choice. Other suggestions were non-conformist, free thinker and I’m not the only one who tagged this one as a favorite, perspicacious, meaning having a ready insight into and understanding of things. I find that fascinating, don’t you? That having strong opinions might mean you are a free thinker or a person with ready insight? I like that. I would enjoy having such thoughts about myself – the labels feel like right ones to me. Even if I have a strong distaste for labels. They are so limiting, in my opinion.

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