The Most Versatile Word

WAY back in the day, when the Internet was a young, tender thing and wav files (HUGE wav files!) first began circulating, some clever person recorded what is now available via YouTube at a fraction of the bandwith. It effected me profoundly. And it never fails to crack me up. It is my hope that you enjoy it just as much.

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Four Ways, My Ass!

There’s a magazine called YES! that I get email updates for whenever a new issue comes out. It’s usually got some good stuff in it that would appeal to a tree hugger like me and actually, I think I started reading it because they featured some bike thing a while back. Their about page states “YES! Magazine reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions. Online and in print, we outline a path forward with in-depth analysis, tools for citizen engagement, and stories about real people working for a better world.”
A particular headline caught my attention today –

Four Ways to Escape the NSA Dragnet

Go ahead and go read it. It’s short and won’t take long.
Are you back? Excellent. So now that you’ve read it you’ll understand why my first reaction was”excuse me?” It seems to me that this country was not founded on the idea that its citizens would someday have a need to protect themselves from their own government.

What to do about this? I’ll be fucked if I know. The whole thing – our entire government seems to have become so subversive. I am certainly not the first person to say such a thing. Check out this extremely fun article by long retired Charlie Reese. He nor I will be the last to point out that our government stopped being ours a long time ago. Ah, but I am truly an optimist at heart and so I do have moments when I think that maybe our government really does have our protection – and nothing else – in mind. Then I remember that we live in the information age. We have twitter. It’s not 1620. It’s not like somebody can come over, stake their flag and take over. Good God, the Facebook traffic alone would shut that shit down before CNN could even broadcast a bio of the flag staker. So it has to be all about saving us from the ever present danger of terrorist attack, in whatever form it might take. Keeping us safe. That’s a charged word, safe. It takes us back to our primordial urges to protect in a split second. Hell, maybe that’s the issue. Maybe we simply haven’t evolved enough to understand that safe doesn’t guarantee control. And the more we try to force that illusion of control into reality, we wind up controlling us more than “them”.